Ministry of Social Welfare, Relief and Resettlement
Department of Social Welfare



        The Department of Social Welfare (DSW) is performing as focal Department in providing Social Welfare Services for those who are facing with social problems. The services such as preventing from social problems, emerging the volunteers who could be sharing and providing social services in the community, carrying out social development and providing services through social work methods are run by this Department.

          As the focal department, the major responsibilities of DSW are being taken measures on prevention, protection and rehabilitation programs for children and their families, youth, women, person with disabilities, elderly, ex-drug addicts and people who are facing with social problems. Moreover, organizing the contribution of the voluntary organizations and supporting them play the main roles in the implementation of DSW.



          In 1947, before Myanmar gained her independence, the Provisional National Government established “Women and Child Welfare Association.” In 1949, it was transformed into “Women and Child Care Division” controlled by the Government. On 1st April 1953, Women and Child Care Division was transferred as Division of Social Development under Ministry of Health. On 15th September 1953, it was hand over to Ministry of Relief and Resettlement. On 25th November 1953, the name of the Division of Social Development was changed to the Division of Social Welfare. In 1972, Department of Social Welfare was established. DSW has laid down the policies, objectives and programs based on social justice and integration strategies to provide welfare services to the community.



  1. To contribute towards the social objective, “Uplift of health, fitness and education standards of the entire nation”
  2. To contribute towards the development of human resources
  3. To assist those who are facing social problems
  4. To take preventive measures to control occurrence of social problems
  5. To turn out voluntary social workers
  6. To give assistance to the State in some way by implementing social development tasks and giving social assistance


Function of the DSW

          The DSW implements social welfare services in eight different areas of social need by direct and indirect means. The different types of social services are as follows:

  1. Early Childhood Care and Development (ECCD) and Child Protection Programme
  2. Youth Development Programme
  3. Women Development Programme
  4. Promoting Decent Life and Care of the Aged
  5. Care of the Persons with Disabilities
  6. Grants in Aids to Voluntary Organizations
  7. Social Protection Programme

Focal Points

  1. NCRC (National Committee on the Rights of the Child)
  2. MNCWA (Myanmar National Committee for Women’s Affairs)
  3. ASEAN Child Affairs
  4. ASEAN Youth Affairs
  5. ASEAN Women Affairs
  6. ASEAN Social Welfare and Development


Directorates who served in Department of Social Welfare

  1. Wunnakyawhtin U Aung Min           1.8.1953      to       13.11.1959
  2. Wunnakyawhtin U Thaung             1.12.1959     to       20.3.1962
  3. Wunnakyawhtin U Hla Phe             6.11.1962     to       5.10.1963
  4. U Ba Khine                                   5.10.1963     to       10.6.1964
  5. Wunnakyawhtin U Kyaw Soe          10.6.1964     to       3.10.1964
  6. Major Htun Myine                         3.10.1964     to       8.5.1967
  7. Wunnakyawhtin U Htwe                1.1.1969      to       3.3.1975


Director Generals who served in Department of Social Welfare

(1)   Thiripyanchi U Kyi                         5.5.1975      to       14.8.1980

(2)   Ambassador U Thaung Lwin           15.8.1980     to       13.12.1987

(3)   Colonel Htun Oo                           14.12.1987   to       25.5.1992

(4)   Colonel Than Po                           1.8.1992      to       12.1.1998

(5)   Colonel Sit Myaing                        10.4.1998     to       17.7.2008

(6)   Colonel Soe Kyi                            18.7.2008     to      28.2.2017

(7)  Dr. San San Aye                           22.8.2017      up to now