Grants and Aids to Voluntary Organizations

Department of Social Welfare provide Voluntray Organizations which established in community; especially children, youths, womens, persons with disability and elderly etc.DSW adopted Guideline for Voluntary Organizations and Minimun Standard for Residential Care and facilities on 26th September, 2017. As per Guilde lines, Voluntary Organizations need to registser DSW. In accordance with these Guildelines, DSW supervise and technical support on them annually. Rate of Voluntary Organizations are as follow;

Grants in Aids to Voluntary Organizations

    Due to the encouragement of the State, creativity and endeavor of the volunteers and voluntary organizations, social welfare activities are still flourishing on the land of Myanmar till date. Nowadays, in implementing social welfare activities systematically under the supervision of the Ministry of Social Welfare, Relief and Resettlement in accordance with the social work principles, volunteers and voluntary organizations are in collaboration with the department harmoniously. 

     As per the constitution of the Union of Myanmar (1947), monitoring and supporting of voluntary organizations were started aiming to expend the welfare activities for people. Since then, the voluntary social workers who were interested in social work were giving care to the vulnerable people who were orphans, persons with disabilities, helpless people, and elderly. In doing so, not only the government but also the people are participating forming voluntary organizations or individually.