Asia-Pacific Regional Conference on Ageing

        In the conference of Melborne, Australia in 2010, Help Age International proposed Myanmar for hosting the Asia-Pacific Regional Conference on Ageing 2012 since Myanmar was implementing home care services for elderly people as the ROK- ASEAN home care project. The department put it forward to the President Office through the Minister’s office. As per the permission from the President office, the conference was conducted at the Sedona Hotel from May   (7 to 12), 2012. 120 Delegates, experts and older people who are working on this field from 28 countries in the Region were presenting in the conference.

Commemorating of the International Day of Older People

In accordance with the resolution of the 52nd General Assembly of the United Nations and the recommendation of the 35th meeting of the United Nations Commission for Socioeconomic Development, the UNESCAP decided to commemorate the International Day of Older people on every 1st October with a motto “International Years of Older Persons towards a Society for all Ages”.

Elderly Care Services

    Although Myanmar is not facing tremendous problem of ageing like other countries, it is going to face the serious problem in the coming decades. The Department of social welfare is carrying out the task for dignified, active and healthy life of older people as an important task. The department is exploring innovative methods of care since formal homes for the aged are not good enough for the effective care of the aged in the future.