Grants in Aids to Voluntary Organizations

Background History

    Due to the encouragement of the State, creativity and endeavor of the volunteers and voluntary organizations, social welfare activities are still flourishing on the land of Myanmar till date. Nowadays, in implementing social welfare activities systematically under the supervision of the Ministry of Social Welfare, Relief and Resettlement in accordance with the social work principles, volunteers and voluntary organizations are in collaboration with the department harmoniously. 

     As per the constitution of the Union of Myanmar (1947), monitoring and supporting of voluntary organizations were started aiming to expend the welfare activities for people. Since then, the voluntary social workers who were interested in social work were giving care to the vulnerable people who were orphans, persons with disabilities, helpless people, and elderly. In doing so, not only the government but also the people are participating forming voluntary organizations or individually.

      In order to make the voluntary organizations successful, the Department of Social Welfare is providing assistances such as cash for food, clothing, grants and technique as collaboration between the State and civil society.



    The objectives of providing assistance to voluntary organizations are as follow:

(a) To provide assistance to the voluntary organizations those are taking care of children, women, persons with disabilities and elderly who are in need of care.

(b) To become as a reserved force for the State by nurturing youths who are in need of care and protection.

(c) To make the centers under the supervision of the Department of Social Welfare sustainable.


Voluntary Organizations Receiving Assistance

    The list of voluntary organizations receiving assistances from the Department of Social Welfare is as follow:

a. Voluntary Youth Development Center    -     211

b. Centers for Persons with Disabilities    -         7

c. Homes for the Aged    -       58

d. Centers for Women    -       10

e. Voluntary Pre-primary School    -     730

f. Youth Center and Voluntary night preschool    -     158

g. Mayanchaung voluntary home    -         1


Levels of Assistance

     Voluntary youth’s development centers, centers for persons with disabilities, homes for the aged, centers for women are receiving assistances as follows:

a. Level 1
-   Cash for rice 11250 Ks (per head)

b. Level 2
-   Cash for rice 11250 Ks (per head)
-   Cash for food 18250 Ks (per head)
-   Cash for clothing 5000 Ks (per head)

c. Level 3
-   Cash for rice 11250 Ks (per head)
-   Cash for food 18250 Ks (per head)
-   Cash for clothing 5000 Ks (per head)
-   Salary for In-charge 180000 Ks (per year)


Remaining voluntary organization are receiving assistance as follow:

(a) Voluntary Pre-primary School

     - Preschool in-charge teacher 5000Ks (per month)

     - Preschool teacher 4000Ks (per month)

(b) Cash for sport materials, teacher fees, electricity bill, stationery and furniture for youths centers and voluntary night preschool

(c) 200Ks per head for per day for the leprosy patient


Procedure for Registration

    Everyone who wants to establish voluntary center has to apply article 51 form (18) of the Myanmar Child Law Regulation. Director General of the Department of Social Welfare can issue the permission after screening the facts mentioned on the registration form according to the form (19) of the same.

    Normally, all the centers have to have 20 people, secured income source, building and compound, sufficient staff, sustainability and recognition from local authority.


System for Registration

     For the registration, all the centers have to submit all the documents as follow:

(a)    The lists of people who receive care in the center

(b)    Supervisory committee

(c)    Estate of the center

(d)    Document of ownership of building and Estate

(e)    List of belonging of the center

(f)    Copy of the registered certificate of the organization

(g)    Application form of the center

(h)    Bank Check (copy)

(i)    Recommendation and Inspection record of the respective social welfare officer

(j)    Photo of Signboard and group photo of the people in the center