Grants and Aids to Voluntary Organizations

Grants and Aids to Voluntary Organizations

Department of Social Welfare provide Voluntray Organizations which established in community; especially children, youths, womens, persons with disability and elderly etc.DSW adopted Guideline for Voluntary Organizations and Minimun Standard for Residential Care and facilities on 26th September, 2017. As per Guilde lines, Voluntary Organizations need to registser DSW.  In accordance with these Guildelines, DSW supervise and technical support on them annually. Rate of Voluntary Organizations are as follow;

1st Stage   rice, 54000 Kyats per head 

2nd Stage rice , 54000 kyats per head  

               meal ,73000 kyats per head

               cloths 20000kyats per head

          3rd Stage   rice  (54000 kyats per head per year )

                          meal  (73000 kyats per head per year)

                          cloths   (20000kyats per head  per year)

                          360000  kyats  for  (1) Adminstrator   salary per year

DSW provides these financial support (1) year (1)time only. As per State Budget allocation. DSW can provide financial support  only one of the portion of  Voluntary Organizations’ expenditure. DSW’s financial support is not cover voluntary organizations.

In this 2018-2019 fiscal year, DSW provides (222)Youth  Para Hita- Gayhar ,  ( 12 ) Women Gayhar, (12 ) Gayhar for PWDs ( 80 ) Homes for the aged,  (892 ) Voluntary pre-primary schools, ( 29 ) Youth centers, (17) Voluntary primary night schools and (23)   prize for mother with triplet and above. DSW provided total amount of (1789.59) millions kyats in these voluntary organizations.