Elderly Care Services

    Although Myanmar is not facing tremendous problem of ageing like other countries, it is going to face the serious problem in the coming decades. The Department of social welfare is carrying out the task for dignified, active and healthy life of older people as an important task. The department is exploring innovative methods of care since formal homes for the aged are not good enough for the effective care of the aged in the future.

Home Based Care Service
    Myanmar practices Extended Family System since many years ago. Myanmar initiated Home Based Care for vulnerable older persons in 1915. DawOo Sun, silk merchant, established Min Gun Home for the Aged for older persons in Sagaingtownship and being taken care. At present, over (70) Homes for the Aged have been established and over (3000) older persons are being taken care.

The Department of Social Welfare recognizes Homes for the Aged and assists financial assistance and technical assistance as follows yearly:
1.    Level 1
-    Cash for rice 11250 Ks (per head)
2.    Level 2
-    Cash for rice 11250 Ks (per head)
-    Cash for food 18250 Ks (per head)
-    Cash for clothing 5000 Ks (per head)
3.    Level 3
-    Cash for rice 11250 Ks (per head)
-    Cash for food 18250 Ks (per head)
-    Cash for clothing 5000 Ks (per head)
-    Salary for In-charge 180000 Ks (per year)


Elder 1

    Generally, the older persons over 60 years in any rate of race and religion who are facing social problems are being taken care. In every Home for the Aged, Supervising Committee has formed and has been providing food, shelter and health care for older persons.

There are (58) recognized Homes for the Aged throughout the country. They are as follows :
    Kachin    (1)
    Kayah    (2)
    Chin    (1)
    Sagaing    (2)
    Tanintharyi    (2)
    Bago    (9)
    Magway    (5)
    Mandalay    (9)
    Mon    (3)
    Rakhine    (2)
    Yangon    (11)
    Shan    (4)
    Ayeyarwady    (6)
    Nay Pyi Taw    (1)

Moreover, in order to take care of the older people systematically, the voluntary care givers and administrators in respective states and regions are being trained at the Social Welfare Training School in Yangon.